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Top 10 reasons to join us

Konnect BI helps to uncover the potentiality of the day-to-day business data to discover the existing unexplored areas and transform them into revenue rewards. Konnect Analytics is highly expertised in offering the best analytic solutions to help organizations take intelligent decisions.

  • No coding, Only drag and drop Interface
  • Easy to use, No training required
  • Exclusively designed for business user
  • Excellent Visualization & Management Friendly
  • Solution for Multi-Centre operations
  • Real time Reports on the go
  • Rapid deployment
  • Scalability and High Customer Loyalty
  • Low TCO as it is completely on cloud
  • Flexible pricing affordable to SMEs

Dashboards, Reports & Ad-hoc BI

Konnect BI lets you create Interactive dashboards and dynamic reports. You can create organisation-wide dashboards and user specific dashboards with complete control over layout design. Reports can be generated, categorized and can be shared with the relevant group at anytime.

Access Control

Konnect BI ensures high levels of data security by account specific access to be used only by the organization. Konnect BI offers business intelligence solutions with user-centric data access. To ensure safety the department-wise restriction and the user-wise restriction to data can be implemented. Role-centric access with control can also be assigned. Data pertaining to their specific departments is only visible to them enabling data confidentiality to departments / employees.

Data from any source

Konnect BI can extract data from most of the resources and finally create the common data for your applications. Konnect has interfaces for major products like MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle, CSV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft SharePoint, Sage, Salesforce, Tally, etc. Data from custom applications, database, text files and spreadsheets are all rationalized and available for business analysis. 

Anywhere, anytime access to your data

Konnect BI gives you hassle-free reports and access to your data all the time.The user can access data from anywhere,anytime by availing an internet connection. Konnect BI supports all devices like Android phones,IOS devices,Tablets,Windows PC,Mac devices and all Linux flavours.

Pay as you go

Konnect Analytics offers affordable packages that are best for SMEs. The standard packages are simple and enable payment only for the services that you use.