Konnect BI

Konnect Business Intelligence (BI) is a cloud based solution exclusively designed for business users keeping simplicity as the center piece. Konnect believes in using every information to maximize revenue as well as to make complete use of the people and their expertise. Konnect Analytics is just not a mere tool, but a product to visualize and experience. With just few clicks, Konnect BI lets you consolidate, search, visualize, and analyze all your data sources for unprecedented business insights. It is simple and easy to use, and puts the business user in total control. The freedom to access data from anywhere, anytime through your choice of gadget gives scope for effective control.

  Konnect BI aiding business

Konnect BI helps in uncovering the business opportunities with the existing business data. This is a powerful product that can be engaged in the realistic business predictions.

 Few benefits

  • Konnect BI aids in enhancing revenue. 
  • Konnect BI synchronizes CRM, production, supply, distribution and R&D processes to match the demands & manufacturing. 
  • Konnect BI mitigates supplier, compliance and cost volatility risks to increase the efficiency of all the manufacturing processes involved.
  • Konnect BI increases the effectiveness of process improvement methodologies like Six Sigma, Lean, Activity-Based Costing etc.,
  • Konnect BI transforms ERP data or any data into accessible reports for easy understanding
  • Konnect BI completely eliminates duplicate data entry authenticating data accuracy 
  • Konnect BI collates information across various departments
  • Konnect BI assists in smart business decisions with real time evaluation and report generation. 
  • Konnect BI entirely rules out decision errors.

To consummate Konnect BI enhances productivity by  minimizing faults improving the overall efficiency. BI also assists in governing the business effectively by enabling real time performance management of all functions. Konnect aims at providing business solutions with simplicity as the center piece.

Advantages of using Konnect BI

 Data Streamlining

In the organizational perspective, the objective towards which the company moves is of utmost importance. To adhere to the objectives and to adjust activities that move off track the prime areas requiring development are jotted down. Konnect BI fixes the key work streams responsible for the data generation and the respective areas are streamlined to reach the objective                                                                                                                                                                

Time Saving Attribute

Konnect BI helps reduce waste of time, effort, and money. Wondering how? In most of the companies, lack of proper coordination between the departments results in duplication of activities. Konnect BI tracks all data pertaining to various departments in a single platform completely eradicating duplication. Subsequently, non- profitable areas are identified at ease to rule out revenue wastage from the system completely.                                                 

  Helps Identify new opportunities

Abounding amounts of data is spread across various departments. The numerous departments in the organization work independently without proper knowledge about the procedures of the other departments and the data pertaining to it. This causes delay and confusion in assimilating relevant data for research, strategizing and decision making  activities. Konnect BI integrates and collates data in a single platform and classifies them systematically. Konnect BI gives complete scope for wise decisions and for identifying hidden opportunities for development, diversification and expansion.