Use Case

Use Case

Konnect BI offers world class products to cater to any type of industry, especially the manufacturing sectors. The success of the Analytics lies in the choice of the right kind of tools. Konnect BI is equipped with the experienced team who can offer data analytics helping in appropriate and reliable decisions to reduce the errors and increase profits. 

 Konnect BI for Supply Chain Quality Management

Manufacturing involves a chain of processes. The major challenge in the manufacturing industry is in the quality maintenance throughout the process. Konnect BI completely answers this challenge by empowering the quality control team with the relevant data. The freedom to collate and sort data with the liberty to visualize data in the forms of charts and graphs offers the required knowledge and confidence to make smart and apt decisions. 

 Konnect BI to find better suppliers

Yet another challenge of the manufacturing sector is to identify the right kind of raw material suppliers. The quality of the end product is determined by the quality of the raw materials used. Of the various suppliers, the difficult task is to find the right supplier fulfilling the quality standards. Konnect BI Dashboard contains             information of all the suppliers with regard the supply of raw materials, the quality of raw materials offered and the quality of the finished product. The comparison of data pertaining to the various suppliers in the Konnect BI dashboard at a glance lets you decide the best supplier 

Konnect BI for Improving productivity and efficiency

Konnect BI helps improve the productivity and efficiency of your operations team. Often, delays in the work process are caused by uncertainty, inaccurate and irrelevant information resulting in delayed decision making. Konnect BI renders a wider and clearer picture of the entire work process with accurate and appropriate data. With Konnect BI, managers will be able to make improved and reliable decisions. The workflow directed by these credible decisions increase productivity and efficiency.

 Konnect BI for improved and targeted sales

The cut throat competition demands the organizations to focus on the potential target customers to maximize sales. Konnect BI dashboard precisely indicates the complete picture of the sales relative to significant parameters like audience, places, seasonality, buying patterns, etc., This knowledge allows the business analysts to understand the past trends to predict the future business patterns. Konnect BI dashboards present sales percentages corresponding to customer groups enabling the organizations to enhance their focus to highly potential segments and to lessen focus to less potential segments in the product category.